Simple Top 10 Leg Mehndi Design

Mehndi known as henna in English is derived from a henna plant. The leaves of this plant are used to form mehndi paste is applied on hands and legs in order to adorn people.
Mehndi is applied on legs on the special occasion of wedding. A wedding is a ceremony filled with fun and joy and Mehndi is the perfect precursor to the auspicious wedding day. On the occasion of the wedding, both bride and groom apply Mehndi and usually applied by women. Women of all ages love to apply Mehndi. Mehndi is applied on legs in order to enhance the beauty and the gorgeousness of legs. It also provides a great sense of charm as it comes in various styles. There are two types of Stylish and elegant mehndi design for legs, i.e. Indian and Arabic style. Mehndi can be applied according to one’s requirement, style, and desires. There are many mehndi designs which can be applied such as:

Arabic Mehndi Design for feet: In this form of mehndi design, the intricate floral vine is drawn and dots are also used to form of beautiful design.

• One can make a blend of Arabic and Indian style of mehndi giving your feet a bold and beautiful look.

Rajasthani style of Mehndi design for feet: This form of design resembles the beautiful traditional Indian jewelry.

Gujarati style of Mehndi design for feet: In this form of mehndi design, the flower is the main highlight and this design minimizes the use of accessories.

Moroccan Mehndi design for feet: This form of mehndi design uses sharp and creative geometrical shapes. It is a form of unique tribal Mehndi art use to beautify and pamper the feet of women.

Arabic rose Mehndi design for feet: People who are fond of complex Mehndi design should choose this design. In this form of design, beautiful roses are drawn giving it a delicate appearance.

• There is also another form of Arabic Mehndi design which uses shading technique to give a unique and different look to the feet.

 The contemporary style of mehndi design is the use of peacock motifs to provide with a quick glimpse of rich Indian traditional art.

Another technique is the use of negative spaces in order to highlight the beautiful motifs of lotus and give a pleasing look on the feet.

People who want to opt for something trendy can choose for Stylish asymmetrical Mehndi design for feet.
There is also a lace pattern Mehndi design for feet which can be easily applied in short period of time and looks extremely beautiful at a small family function.

• For all the lovers out there, you can opt for a heart mehndi design for feet. All you need is to draw a heart in the center of feet and use simple Arabic mehndi design as icing on the cake.

Nowadays there are mehndi designs with added glitters. It gives a vibrant and attractive look to your feet with the sparkles of Glitter.


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