Top Arabic Mehndi Design Images

Mehendi is an ancient practice of body art, in which a variety of decorative designs are made on a person’s body using a paste called mehndi. This paste is created from the leaves of the henna plant; the leaves are dried and are crushed in the form of powder. This art of application of mehndi is popular all around the world but it can be mainly found in Indian Subcontinent, Africa and the Middle East. The mehndi is applied in many variations such as Arabic, Indian and Pakistani designs. Mehendi is usually applied by women on their hands and feet and on the back of the shoulders too occasionally. Even men apply mehndi on their arms, legs, back, and chest. Men rarely apply mehndi due to various customs associated with the application of mehndi. Coming to customs and traditions associated with mehndi, a proper traditional wedding is incomplete without application of mehndi. Mehndi is one of the sixteen adornments of the bride. 

This temporary skin decoration is important not just to adore brides and groom but also to make predictions of a good marriage and also mehndi is a symbol of fertility. Mehndi is not just applied by the married woman during Hindu festivals like Karva Chauth, Vat Purnima, Diwali, Bhai Dooj and Teej but it is applied by Muslim woman during festivals such as Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha and by young unmarried girls especially in Assam during Bihu festival as a way of adornment. Mehndi is applied on the skin by using a plastic cone. The henna paste or mehndi dries within 15- 20 minutes and begins to crack leaving its stain behind. The main requirement is to have this stain darker and darker, hence a sticky mixture of lemon juice and sugar is applied over the mehndi design to nourish mehndi with moisture content and enable the henna paste to leave a darker stain. Every woman wants the outstanding design for mehndi which not just adorn her but reflect her personality. There are many mehndi designs which include bird’s motifs, floral designs and other elements that cover every inch of the hand, forearms, feet and calves. But there are women who like to keep it simple, classy and trendy hence they opt for Arabic Mehndi designs. There are many types of Arabic mehndi designs which when applied enhances the elegance of person with its natural and mellow touches. The type of Arabic mehndi designs are

Flowing in nature Arabic mehndi design: This is the most common form of Arabic mehndi design. The design is quite flowing in nature with most of the designs comprising patterns of vine, leaves and flowers. The design is in contrast to traditional Indian style of Mehndi which assures that each and every part of the hand is filled with design aesthetically but Arabic style of mehndi is different in nature. The flowing Arabic style has less of intricate patterns. The design begins with the palm and flows through the wrist, and then this style stretches over the hand and the dorsal area of the hand is also covered with the same patterns

Scattered Arabic Mehndi design pattern: This Arabic mehndi design is similar to scattered patterns is more spacious in nature in comparison to the Indian and African style of mehndi designs. This design is extended with dots and flower vines which gives the pattern a discreet look, which is extremely fabulous. The design is very captivating in nature and gains the maximum level of attention.

Colour and External Additives Arabic Mehndi design: In the world of changing trends on daily basis, there are also changes on mehndi designs by using glitters, sparkles, diamonds, radium stickers etc. These added sparkles give a bold and vivacious appeal to the mehndi patterns. This pattern is highly trendy in nature and extremely popular among young girls as well as in high society party circuits. 

Bridal Arabic Mehndi design: For the brides who want the least amount of mehndi and look stunning at the same time can opt for this Arabic Mehndi design style offered by a variety of bridal services. 

 Universal style of Arabic Mehndi design: Be it a small family get together, festive times or a small party Arabic style of mehndi design is fit for all the occasions. The Arabic style henna tattoos are quite in nowadays which gives a beautiful, bold and trendy look.

Arabic style of mehndi is worn and loved by women of all diverse cultures and traditions; therefore this form of design is a global hit.


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