Top Henna Mehndi Designs Images

Making tattoos of Mehndi is a popular traditional practice in India, Bangladesh, Arabic, Pakistan and other Asian countries. Particularly, during occasions like marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, festivals and other special events, women and girls adore various Mehndi designs on their foot and hand to share their happiness. The simple yet creative designs which make girls look beautiful is also grabbing the foreign countries like America, Australia, and Canada. Even though you know some hundreds of Mehndi designs, you need to accept the truth that there available more than thousands of designs which can make you look more gorgeous than ever before. Here we have listed a few creative Punjabi designs to let you know and help you look more beautiful.

Circular Motif:
The fine detailing on the fingers make circularly shaped patterns on hands look more beautiful and give an entirely different look. Being a multidimensional design, it can be converted to flowers, complicated wheels or ancient symbols to make it suitable for any dress or any event. The circular motif design’s circle is popularly known as a mandala. Any girls or women can afford simple and more creative henna circular designs which are all about the eternal flair of events.

Stylish Lines and Chequered Pattern:
Mehndi Designs with lines gives a very attractive and eye-catching motif that provides perfectness on your personality and creates an awe-inspiring presence. Being lines, you can try making most creative lines or designs on your fingers and hands separately. Not only lines, you can create some unique designs on your palm and feet with dots in lines mehndi designs which will be the most extraordinary and unique pattern for sure. The chequered mehndi pattern is a great way to cleverly fill up any gaps and give a break to intricate designs.

The bride and Groom Design:
The name bride and groom design itself says that this mehndi design includes pictures of bride and groom on hands. In this design, the right hand will have a design of a bride and the left hand will have a design of groom and tell the story depicting the bride and groom and resembles their love and a forever after joining of two souls. Even though it looks simple, very professional artists need to make this bride and groom designs perfectly.

Colored Henna Design Patterns
In contrast, to opt the traditional mehndi designs with black and red colors, most girls and women are showing much interest to make a colored design which is completely new one. Regardless of the age, women can opt for colored designs with glitter and stones which can make them look beautiful among others in any occasion like weddings, festivals or any special functions.

Heart Pattern
A heart is obviously the most trending and attractive design. From school going children to grand people, there were no people who don’t know about the heart symbol. So, there is no need to explain more about this trendy design. There are many innovative ways to etch the heat to the palm or feet to make you look more gorgeous.


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