Top Latest Bridal Mehndi Design

Mehndi is one of the sixteen adornments of the bride without mehndi wedding rituals seems to be incomplete and so is of her beauty. Mehendi is applied on both legs and hands of the brides and on the hands of the groom as well.
A proper traditional wedding is incomplete without a mehndi ceremony. Mehndi is applied for a number of reasons such as a deep colored mehndi is considered to be an indication of a good marriage, the time period for which mehndi lasts is believed to extremely auspicious and mehndi is also known to be a symbol of fertility. So now we know mehndi is an intricate part of wedding ceremonies, therefore a perfect mehndi demands a perfect design. Every woman wants the outstanding design for mehndi which not just adorn her but reflect her personality and love towards her soon to be spouse. Usually, mehndi design only includes bird’s motifs, floral designs and other elements that cover every inch of the hand, forearms, feet, and calves. There are women who like to keep it simple opt for Arabic designs. As the times are changing, there are modern bridal mehndi designs available with the pinch of glitter and style. So here is a quick list of bridal mehndi

Simple BriDal Mehandi Desing:

•    Paisley print bridal mehndi design: This type of design includes curved motifs like popular mango design. This design has small paisleys on the fingertips and larger paisley on the palm. A curvy tip adds a smooth flow which includes intricate strokes highlighting the symmetrical finish.

•    Floral print bridal mehndi design: The use of flower pattern is an intricate part of bridal mehndi designs. The tiny leaves are drawn on the long fingers and large flower design is shaded in order to highlight and create a sense of depth. The petals and vines of various lengths are drawn to make a delicate and classy appearance.

•    Royal Architecture bridal mehndi design: In this type of design, elements like an arch, domes and floral designs carved in palace buildings are drawn. The design mainly focuses on the chequered and split pattern. This design is very eye catchy due to its classic and royal outlook.

•    Raja and Rani bridal mehndi design: The images of king and queen from the Mughal era are drawn in the center and these royal images are surrounded by an intricate pattern of leaves or flowers etc.

•    Elephant motifs bridal mehndi design: This is the most commonly found mehndi design. In this pattern, swirly and curvy patterns are drawn to add a give a distinct flair to the design.

•   Peacock style bridal mehndi design: The peacock is a symbol of endless beauty hence in this design motif of peacocks are drawn along with floral and other traditional motifs to enhance the beauty of hands of the bride.

•    Mandala bridal mehndi design: In this design, the petals are arranged in a bigger base circle to give a multi-dimensional look and create a beautiful eye pleasing design.


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