Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs Images

Mehendi is a green colored paste also known as henna in English is obtained from the leaves of plant named henna is widely found in the Asian Countries. The paste of Mehendi is used for the purpose of decorating body parts like hands and feet mainly. The custom of application of Mehendi is followed for ages. Mehendi is mainly applied by women on special occasions and festivals. The paste is used to form intricate floral designs, or motifs of animals like elephants or peacocks are drawn on the hands and feet. The application of mehndi is a form of body art. Mehendi is applied with the help of cone made of paper or plastic sheet. When this dark green mehndi paste dries, it peels off from hands and feet and leaves a color behind which ranges from orange to brown. It is a common saying that darker the color of mehndi on the hands of the woman is the evidence of her husband’s love towards her. Pakistan is one of the Asian countries in which Mehendi has great significance. Every Muslim wedding or Eid ul Fitr or any celebration is incomplete without mehndi applied on their hands of the woman. Nowadays there is a special Mehendi function held by the family of both bride and groom where all the near and dear ones gather together and apply mehndi on their hands and feet just before the wedding day. The Pakistani mehndi design is a combination of few aspects of Indian Mehendi designs and Arabic mehndi designs. The Mehendi applied by Pakistani females is usually black in color. Some of the special Mehendi designs found in Pakistan are in full hands. The conventional patterns and motifs of peacock, paisleys, leaves, and flowers, are drawn. Every woman picks for unique and beautiful mehndi design in order to stand out of the crowd, hence here is a list of few 

Pakistani mehndi designs to choose from.

Full hand leafy Pakistani Mehendi design- The leafy design on the hands is majorly chosen by unmarried girls, the leafy design has an amazing impact on the beauty of hands.

Diagonal Pakistani Mehendi design- This design has little floral impressions on the left out space which appears to be extremely engaging and alluring in nature. This is one of the best-detailed mehndi patterns with diamonds like figures or other small floral impressions which appears extremely beautiful and traditional.

Joint flower Pakistani Mehendi design- This mehndi design is an exquisite example of innovation. In this pattern old traditional and floral mehndi design is modified into the following sectioned centralized mehndi design.

Hyderabad Pakistani Mehendi design- Hyderabad is the place rich in its culture and traditions, which is reflected in its henna traditions. A Hyderabadi Pakistani Henna style is a highly famous mehndi design which is very easy to draw.

Net Print Pakistani Mehendi design- This type of mehndi design is chosen by girls when they plan to wear a traditional Pakistani outfit. The Mehendi is applied differently by choosing a perfect combination of flowers and dots.


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